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CommentsTrack appears in public!?

Ooops, lots of visitors here on tuesday. What happened? - Good question: ideas tend to spread without much help, and so it happened to CommentsTrack.

Helge mailed with ad++ and he dropped a post on his weblog. Then, Nico, who runs, discovered it and wrote about CommentsTrack too (He likes the idea!). And last but not least, smi from wondered about how fast the meme "commentstrack" moved through the net.

Well, hello to all our new visitors! We didn't plan this, we wanted to work some more days on the basis to make a it possible to get the best out of all the ideas. But no problem:
We're working hard to complete our work here on this weblog to make a real discussion possible.
Helge and I are currently adding our thoughts and ideas that we already discussed via email into our Specification-Wiki to accomplish Specification v0.4 with lots of new workarounds for problems from Spec v0.3.

Jan - 25. August 2004 - 5:36 pm | Add your comment

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  1. Curiosity is bliss - 28. August 2004 - 2:13 am
    Comment tracking
    CommentsTrack is a new project taking another stab at the comment tracking problem: "How do you follow up on comments you posted?" My main concern so far is that I would get spam pings. In a previous post about comment authentication and tracking I tri...

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  1. test - 27. August 2004 - 7:25 pm
  2. Julien Couvreur - 28. August 2004 - 1:55 am
    There is one problem that isn't mentioned in the specs: security and spam. Basically, as a user of CommentsTrack, I don't want anyone to send me a ping, just because they found out my CommentsTrack url...
    There needs to be some kind of authentication between the comment server and my comment tracking server, that proves that I really wanted to track this discussion.

    Also, it's not clear in the wiki where feedback should be left. I didn't want to add a comment directly in the spec ;-)
  3. Jan - 28. August 2004 - 3:01 am
    v0.3 doesn't mention security and spam at all, but v0.4 surely will. We didn't consider it so important working on v0.3 because we had several other problems, and so we forgot.

    Yesterday evening I sat there and thought about TypeKey and SORUA, very useful ideas we also can learn from and use parts. In my head there's a nice way to avoid spam already :) But no time to bring it to paper so far.

    Until now we didn't release a spec for comments (RFC), that's the problem. We thought that we could finish v0.4 faster, but day-work needs time too. I'm gonna do an entry for v0.1 to v0.3 where comments for these drafts can be put.

    Now there's a place to leave comment for v0.3, we surely don't want to miss yours.

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