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Busy day

Lots of mainling today, Helge seems to be impressed how fast his idea was taken up. But good ideas need to be realized. And so I invited him to join me here. He's very busy, too, but he wants to try.
Later I will post all the things we wrote about. Very interesting, but much to type. I'm looking forward to release all the ideas to the blogosphere and get comments from all the bloggers out there. Only can be interesting.

I updated the weblog-system here and it got 2 Feeds:

Very basic and surely not very "clean", I know. But better than nothing, isn't it? Hope you can use it. Post a comment if there are any problems.

Also fixed a litte bug in commentsform, forgot to escape date before insert it into database. Shame on me, silly mistake.

Jan - 17. August 2004 - 5:04 am | Add your comment

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