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Problem & solution

The problem every blogger knows:

You read your daily dose of weblogs. Then you discover an interesting posting and you decide to submit a comment. Sometimes you can enter your email and activate an option so that you get an email if somebody replies to your comment. But not always you want to leave your email-adress. Mostly there even is no option to do so. Perhaps you bookmark the permanent link to re-visit the page later. But mostly you forget to do so, or you recome too late to discuss with the others. You missed the chance to have a great conversation and to take part in an interesting discussion.

The idea that can help you:

With CommentsTrack you have one feed that you can add to your feedreader, where all your comments and the responses to them are collected. You post a comment somewhere; it appears in your personal comments-feed. Somebody replies to your comment; the reply also appears in your feed.

Jan - 15. August 2004 - 9:22 pm | Add your comment

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What is going on here?

CommentsTrack is a function that makes it easy to track all comments you have posted anywhere on the web with the help of RSS.

See the project wiki for the current state of the project. It will eventually be available as features or plugins for all major weblog software such as MoveableType and Wordpress and as stand-alone script for use on your webserver.

CommentsTrack is based on an idea by Helge Fahrnberger which was taken up by Jan Piotrowski who created this site. If you think CommentsTrack is a good idea, please contribute and spread the word!